Hillary for America

On 7th June 2016, Hillary Clinton clinched the nomination to be the presumptive presidential candidate of the Democratic Party. It is a historic nomination, as she became the first female presidential candidate for a major party in the United States. She broke the glass ceiling and won fair and square because she is the best candidate.

Hillary has been in politics since her college days in the late 1960s. Her classmates at Wellesley College elected her to be the first student commencement speaker in 1969. You can listen to her speech here: Commencement Speech.

In his endorsement of Hillary on 9th June, President Obama said, “In fact, I don’t think there’s ever been someone so qualified to hold this office”. I agree. You can listen to his endorsement speech here: Obama Endorsement.

Hillary has been fighting for the good of others since the 1960s; I hope Americans give her a chance to continue this fight from the highest office.

To learn more about why Hillary is the best person for the job and to contribute to her campaign click here: Hillary for America.


  1. Such an epic achievement for Hillary.
    I hope Americans would give her the opportunity she anticipates.

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