My favourite reads in 2022

I read some great books in 2022. Most of them were on economics, leadership or biography. Below are the best 20 in no particular order. I enjoyed the content of the books and the writing in some cases was great. I read only one fiction book, the Fountainhead, a classic and gift from a friend. I plan to read more fiction in 2023, God willing.

How will life be without books?

1. Hearts touched with fire David Gergen

2. Discipline is destiny – Ryan Holiday

3. The Fountainhead – Ayn Rand

4. Backstage – Montek Singh Ahluwalia

5. The Crux – Richard Rumelt

6. Economic Policy Agnes Benassy-Quere

7. How the world became rich – Koyama & Rubin

8. Leadership – H. Kissinger

9. MBS – Ben Hubbard

10. Slouching towards Utopia – Bradford De Long

11. Four thousand weeks – Oliver Burkeman

12. Seven deadly economic sins – James Otteson

13. Free lunch thinking – Tom Bergin

14. Gambling on development – Stefan Dercon

15. On China – H. Kissinger

16. The French exception – Adam Plowright

17. Where good ideas come from – Steven Johnson

18. The Ride of a lifetime – Robert Iger 

19. The Cashless revolution – Martin C.

20. Stop reading the news – Rolf Dobelli

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